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Dagong Credit Software CO., LTD. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dagong Global Credit Rating Group—The world's leading credit rating agency. The company relies on Dagong Global Credit Rating Group 's advanced rating method, excellent achievements in scientific research and abundant talent strength, since its establishment, we have always been committed to the exploration and development of the credit rating industry, the financial sector, risk management and consulting services in areas. Dagong Credit Software CO., LTD. is an integrated high-tech enterprise engaging in the software platform construction to serve the credit system construction services, enterprise credit management, the internal rating system construction of financial institutions, enterprise risk management and consulting, credit information data information, etc and other related areas.

The company based on credit rating industry, as well as it make a general survey of global financial markets. Through continuous development and experience, Dagong Credit Software CO., LTD. unswervingly adheres to the concept of 'make authoritative judgement based on most unbiased standards' which is the core idea of Dagong Global Credit Rating Group. Upholding the purpose of self-developed software products, the company will building a highly competitive system of software technology. The customers covers state organs, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, municipal commercial banks, RCC ( rural credit cooperative ), Country Universities, etc. The product offering includes Bank Rating System Products, RCCs Rating System Products, Risk Management Information System Products, Global Credit Information Database Products, Non-Performance Loans Valuation Model Products, Credit Rating Practical Teaching System, etc. Until by now, There are dozens of software products that issued by the State Copyright Bureau software copyright authentication.

For the enthusiasm and dedication of credit rating industry and financial risk industry, We will wholeheartedly to provide you with leading technology, convenient and flexible products.

As Dagong Global Credit Rating Group’s professional software R & D institution, the company's aim is to always adhere to the quality of customer service system, and its core goal is to reveal the credit risk.We will strive to build the company into a high-tech software company to focus on the construction of credit system serviceand to provide services for the whole community. Professional credit research platform and innovative methods of credit rating reflect the company's core values. In addition, to reveal credit risk and to technology innovation is the driving force of our progress. More importantly, our service aim is to service in good faith for customers.

Product System

Social Credit System Service Platform

Into the twenty-first century, China has quietly entered the development stage of Credit Economy, which essential feature is the socialization of credit relations.The objective requirement is to solve the increasing socialization of credit risk information asymmetry. In 2002 National NPC & CPPCC ("two sessions") proposed the building of China's concept of credit. In 2011, at sixth plenary of the twelfth session of the central committee of the communist party of China, CPC Central Committee made the decision to accelerate the construction of social credit system. These decisions are the response to the credit relationship superstructure on China's economic and social change form.

The development path of National brand internationalization requires Dagong that we must pay close attention to the Objective requirement about credit services according to China's economic and social development. With the emergence of the theory of Credit Economic and Social Development Law, Dagong was the first to discover the service requirements of China's credit system construction. The results of exploration about development of China's credit system are social credit management and Social management credit. Construction of the city as the center of social credit management system, which was the China’s credit system construction model starting-up by Dagong. The city is the administrative unit that is able to gather various elements of modern society. Social activities of every member of society not only constitute the city of credit information flow system but also become the objective evidence of constructing China's credit system. Dagong considers that the Basis to achieve interoperability of national credit information depend on credit information system which can share the exchange of credit information conveniently.

Enterprise Risk Management Information System

Enterprise Risk Management Information System is applicable to all industries. Under the guidance of central enterprises risk management thinking, we adopt sophisticated information technology on ERMIS. It can speed up the pace of enterprise business management and improve its management efficiency.The system is built by the high-end business consulting team. The modules include comprehensive risk assessment Identification, risk review process, Risk warning monitoring, risk indicators management, etc..
Hierarchical management. This feature not only can unify the risk management standards and processes, but also can meet the company's hierarchical management requirements.
Efficient work platform. It provides each employee individual working platform and job alert, Providing notes from person to person can improve the effectiveness of the system of internal messaging.
The flexibility to customize workflow. ERMIS uses information technology tools to manage.
Convenient Data Entry. The operations close to user habits, and the system uses the most appropriate functions interface to enter early warning data. Along with highly intelligent and model algorithm system, ERMIS can improve the ease of data entry.
Chart showing diversity. The built-in algorithm can be output coordinate risk profiles through the system. The presentation can be flexibly switched by searching.

Financial institutions internal ratings services

Commercial Bank Credit Rating System is based on Basel II, which carefully designed by the company professional analysts. It is designed to help commercial banks to accurately assess the borrower's creditworthiness level. The main modules include: Corporate Credit Rating, Track Rating, Enterprise Database, ect..
Corporate Credit Rating Initial evaluation assessment for corporate credit rating. Through the collection of business-related basic information about the company, this system uses the financial analysis model to identify corporate financial data validation. The initial credit rating should integrate business-related data, use qualitative and quantitative indicators, import business scoring model for crediting evaluation. Using risk limit calculation model can be obtained enterprise credit through calculation and analysis, finally also can generate the preliminary evaluation report automatically. After the completion of the final written modify corporate credit rating report, the credit rating ultimately determines corporate credit rating by the Review and Prospect through a series of rigorous approval process, such as the first instance, the second instance.
Rating Management Track rating on evaluation subject. According to follow-up rating cycle, the system can track rating for companies which have completed the initial evaluation. After updating basic information and financial Data, the system used to determine the credit status of the enterprise through a series of financial data validation, evaluate credit scoring models, risk limit measure, ect., finally the system can update the corporate credit rating and outlook review as well.

Credit Management Platform

With the rapid development of China's credit markets, the enthusiasm of credit market is ignited instantly, more and more Internet companies join the credit team. On one hand, companies reference to the credit industry regulations and adherence to credit standards. On the other hand, with their business characteristics, companies carry out credit business building.Dagong Credit Software CO., LTD. accurately grasps the market entry point. Combined with Dagong two decades of experience rating, we have developed credit products which can meet market applications and regulatory requirements.

In terms of design, the system uses the split management tools, separating frontend user registration information reporting system with data processing system.In terms of overall architecture, to ensure data stability, this system uses hot standby, load balancing way through configurable process management engine to automate the management of credit business. Currently, business credit information system and personal credit information system have adopted a national testing authority, and won two information security protection evaluation report. These advantages have meet the basic requirements of the central bank for credit license applications.

Credit Rating practice teaching

Relying on Dagong international professional rating technology, leading risk consulting business and specialized software development team, with the support of precise rating models and rich data resources, combined financial institutions teaching practice requirements, met individual requirements, Dagong Credit Software CO., LTD. launches Dagong credit rating practice teaching system products to the universities in China.The system covers all types of corporate credit rating systems, debt rating system, banking rating system, large and medium-sized enterprises risk management system. It can provide teaching practice services for teaching practice a number of professional teachers and students in finance, economics, business management, risk management. At the same time, System has been successfully implemented in the Tianjin University of Finance, and has been applied in practice teaching them.
This system is based on credit rating business, extending to multiple industries such as financial, economic, banking, risk management. Combined Dagong two decades of experience rating with industry actual situation, we tailore credit rating institutions practice teaching system for Universities.
Credit Rating, although it is a macro concept, it reflects in our daily life, work and study and there is a growing emphasis on its role. In the prevention and precautionary credit risk, credit ratings can play a significant role.As for professional institutions which can transport fresh blood for the credit rating, financial, economic and other fields, putting the credit rating systems into teaching can bring enhance to teachers and students for doing research and learning in related fields. Meanwhile, it can help college to establish new areas courses.

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